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Garage-Tough Cabinets from GarageTek Of Westchester

 When you need spacious and flexible storage, GarageTek of Westchester has cabinets to meet all your needs. These cabinets are built to withstand the garage climate, designed to hold heavy objects, and created with adjustable shelving and bin. The GarageTek of Westchester has proprietary resin cabinets will never rust,scratch, or dent. The interior metal shelving provides maximum strength. Best of all, the neutral color of these cabinets will also coordinate with the decor of any home.

When you need a place to get projects done, GarageTek of Westchester has the solution. With a solid butcher-block top, the workbenches are as rugged as they are beautiful. With fold-down options, this workstation can be a space-saving option when not in use. Combine the cabinets and accessories, and you will have a functional area in the garage to fix, repair or create anything.

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